According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are 83 million individuals covered by government health insurance and another 45.7 million uninsured. State decision makers have a vital role in ensuring access to quality and affordable healthcare. Decisions that states face regarding healthcare are complex and require balancing the needs of many individuals. Centene works with states to create innovative solutions that are unique and address the distinct needs of these populations. Centene has the resources to provide customized solutions to our state partners through extensive experience in the Medicaid industry and uninsured market, as well as a portfolio of specialty health solutions.

Aged, Blind & Disabled
ABD enrollees make up approximately 25 percent of Medicaid enrollees and 70 percent of total Medicaid expenditures.
  Medicaid/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Individuals covered under Medicaid include low-income families, individuals with disabilities and the elderly.
Children’s Health Insurance Program
CHIP builds upon Medicaid by providing expanded coverage to uninsured children.
By offering Medicare and Medicaid benefits, Centene is better positioned to effectively manage the care of our members.
Foster Care
Centene is the first company to administer a statewide managed care program exclusively for Texas foster children.
Centene’s subsidiary, Celtic Insurance Company, focuses exclusively on uninsured individuals and families.
Long-Term Care
Centene is committed to ensuring that members are involved in their care planning and have access to services that supports long-term care.
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