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Better Health Outcomes at Lower Costs

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Behavioral Health, Foster Care & Specialty Rehabilitation Therapies

Everything Cenpatico does can be traced back to our core beliefs that reflect why we do what we do. Our core beliefs focus on transforming the health of the community, one person at a time.

  • We believe treating people with kindness, respect and dignity empowers healthy decisions.
  • We believe in treating the whole person, not just the physical body.
  • We believe that we have a responsibility to remove barriers and make it simple to get well, stay well and be well.
  • We believe local partnerships enable meaningful, accessible healthcare.
  • We believe healthier individuals create more vibrant families and communities.

Improving Lives is more than our tagline; it is our commitment to the members and providers we serve. We are behavioral health experts who deliver quality results and improve outcomes. Our expertise lies in managing benefits for high-needs populations. We provide a variety of healthcare specialties that include behavioral health, foster care, specialty therapy and rehabilitation, and more.

Since 1994, Cenpatico has provided agencies, health plans, and states solutions to administer healthcare services for public sector more effectively. We began as a group practice of behavioral health clinicians offering services and care management in Texas, and are now a national leader in care management. Our clinical focus and our passion for serving people are as strong as ever.

Cenpatico’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. We operate in multiple states with an active local presence. Our innovative programs are tailored to the unique needs of each community we serve. As a result, our members receive care from local teams that truly understand the specific needs of their communities. We continually introduce innovative clinical initiatives and network strategies in all markets, designed to create quality service delivery systems. This is how we create successful results.


Ruthie tells her story of how Cenpatico and Illinicare are helping her overcome depression and addiction to lead a life of dignity. #stampOutStigma

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Anti-Bullying Campaign

Centene Corporation and its subsidiary, Cenpatico, have teamed up with Children’s National Health System to put a stop to bullying through education and empowerment. The Anti-bullying Campaign, “No Bullying Zone,” will educate students, teachers and parents across the country on how to prevent, identify and appropriately intervene with bullying in school-aged children.

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Other Health Solutions

Centene offers specialized health solutions to the complex problems faced by state governments, managed care organizations, employers, unions, patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.