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Fluvention is an educational program designed to promote healthy behaviors including immunization and hygiene practices that can protect members from the seasonal flu.

Fluvention directly targets the populations considered to be at higher risk by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for these flu viruses with mailings and phone calls, as well as general education for all members. Along with member education, Fluvention also provides health plan physicians with updated information and resources.

Material and information provided to both members and physicians is in line with CDC guidelines.


Understanding Ebola and Influenza as Flu Season Approaches

As flu season approaches, it is important to understand the difference between influenza (flu) and Ebola. Dr. Mary Mason, Centene’s Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, explains the varying symptoms between the flu and Ebola, and encourages everyone to get the flu vaccine.

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Wash your hands to prevent the spread of the flu   Podcast: PodcastFlu Prevention
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Podcast: PodcastFlu Prevention – Spanish
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