Cenpatico Behavioral Health, LLC® (Cenpatico) customizes behavioral health solutions by providing our clinical and administrative expertise to governmental entities, health plans and employers.

Our success stems from our commitment to managing behavioral healthcare services that can be clinically integrated into our customers’ programs, while enhancing consumer access to care. We provide a centralized point of access and clinical availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, simplifying the referral process for consumers.

Cenpatico services include, but are not limited to, risk-based utilization management, network development and maintenance, quality improvement, customer service and claims payment for behavioral health practitioners.

Cenpatico School Products provides educational programming and therapeutic services that support students with academic, behavioral and special healthcare needs through Cenpatico’s wholly-owned subsidiaries: Academic Behavioral Alternatives, In-Speech and IntegratED. Cenpatico School Products offers school districts and families positive, pro-active and evidence-based solutions which maximize programmatic capacity as well as students’ individual recovery, resiliency and results.

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