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Renewed Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

As part of an ongoing effort to share our purpose being brought to life, Coordinated Care worked with a member who lost her husband to ALS, and the stress related induced a heart attack on her.

Cindy joined Coordinated Care under Medicaid expansion. She enrolled in January 2014, after paying for expensive low quality coverage. In 2013, Cindy lost her husband to ALS. This tragedy brought her into depression and added major stress to her life, which built up to Cindy having a heart attack.

She contacted the Coordinated Care team and was immediately referred to case management, Cenpatico and Nurtur. She was connected to a behavioral counselor who guided her through the depression and a health coach to create a realistic health plan to follow.

Cindy is grateful and thanks Coordinated Care for being so helpful during this rough time.

“I sincerely couldn’t be happier with a health insurance company. Thank you,” Cindy said.