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Helping a Member Keep an Independent Lifestyle

Jacob is an outgoing teenager living with his grandparents in a split-level home. He also happens to have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which requires the use of an electric wheelchair for mobility. The only way Jacob accesses the main living areas of his home and goes outside is to use the lift that was donated to his family several years ago.

The lift has required many repairs over the years and recently stopped working completely. Jacob’s worst fears came to light: he would not be able to access the main level of his home where his family spent time and ate meals together – and more importantly – Jacob would now be at risk in the event of a fire because he couldn’t exit his home quickly or without the assistance of others. Sunflower Health Plan’s care coordinator, Cheryl, work with Jacob’s family to replace the electric lift outside his home. Now, Jacob is able easily access both levels of his family’s home and live as independently as possible.