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Population Health and Care Management Software

Population Health and Care Management Software

Casenet® is a leading provider of enterprise population health and care management solutions. Casenet’s platform automates workflows, integrates member-centric information and improves care coordination. Our solutions are proven to drive outcomes and to enable clients to adapt to market changes while driving down costs.

Casenet’s solutions are designed to deliver a timely, seamless flow of actionable information between care managers, partners, providers and individuals as well as other clinical systems. The Casenet platform is a comprehensive suite of open and extensible, enterprise care management software and services. Casenet capabilities include case, disease, utilization and home and community-based services management as well as tools for individual health and total population management. These solutions enable organizations to align to their unique requirements and to adapt quickly to changing market and regulatory dynamics.

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Centene offers specialized health solutions to the complex problems faced by state governments, managed care organizations, employers, unions, patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.