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Integrated Long-Term Care

Integrated Long-Term Care

Promoting “Real Life for Real People,” since 1996, LifeShare is a nationally COA-accredited community-first solution for individuals, families/guardians, local, State and Managed Care organizations and health systems. LifeShare creates empowering solutions for neurodiverse people as well as individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), mental health needs, children in the child welfare system and others with complex needs.

Since its acquisition by Centene Corporation in 2015, LifeShare maintains its core community-based direct services, while using its expertise in developing and delivering person-oriented programs and services to produce improved long-term care, medical and behavioral outcomes.

LifeShare strives to protect and promote civil rights for people of all abilities by pushing for societal improvement and helping them break down barriers between their dreams and the world in which we live.

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Centene offers specialized health solutions to the complex problems faced by state governments, managed care organizations, employers, unions, patients, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.