Transforming Healthcare's Digital Landscape with New Investments

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doctors view information on laptop

Centene has long used technology, innovation, and key collaborative partnerships to improve members' quality of life and to lead the way in finding solutions for our most pressing national and global health issues. New technology supports our commitment to local activation by enabling the delivery of precise, tailored care that addresses pressing needs.

Continued investments in technology have significantly enhanced our ability to scale, coordinate and deliver care. Particularly timely in light of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the growing need for real-time data helps recognize areas of infectious diseases, outbreaks, and resistance. It will take consistent collaboration among global industries to make the mission of better individual and population health a reality.

The video below highlight’s Centene's innovative approach to technology, shown as part of our 2020 Investor Day presentation.

Centene utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze crucial healthcare data and turn it into meaningful results for our members. Learn more about how we partner with drivers of technological progress to successfully navigate an evolving industry, benefiting our members, provider networks, and the communities we serve.