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Better Health Outcomes at Lower Costs


This innovative program reflects Centene’s continuous efforts to design new programs that lead to healthier outcomes for our members.

Originally launched as a pilot in South Carolina, the CentAccount® program promotes personal healthcare responsibility and ownership by offering members financial incentives for performing certain healthy behaviors.  As part of the program, card purchases can be restricted to only allow healthcare related items, transportation fees such as bus passes, and utility bills.

This incentive-based approach effectively promotes personal healthcare responsibility and ownership while strengthening the relationships between members and their primary care providers. CentAccount continues to attract national interest from numerous Medicaid agencies and we are in the process of rolling out the CentAccount program to all of our health plans.


Success Story:
A former Palmetto member has her children enrolled with Absolute Total Care. She is employed as a cashier by a local pharmacy and has a good understanding of HRA’s flexible spending accounts. She really likes the fact that she can use the HRA card to purchase what she needs for her children when she needs it rather than having to place an order and wait for it to arrive in the mail.