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Better Health Outcomes at Lower Costs


MemberConnections® is an outreach program where representatives visit members where they live and work to help them navigate the complex healthcare system and get them the community resources they need.

ConnectionsPlus® is part of the program that provides free cell phones to high-risk members who do not have safe, reliable access to a telephone. This program allows our members to have 24-hour instant access to physicians, case managers, health plan personnel, telehealth services, and 911.


Success Story:
A hospital social worker referred a member in a ten-person family to MemberConnections. A representative made a home visit and discovered that the family had no beds, crib or air conditioner, and began outreaching to local agencies, securing assistance from local organizations.

The family received two sofa beds, dressers, a small fan and a washing machine. The mother remarked that she had not realized that the plan could provide this type of help, since her family had been on Medicaid for many years and no one had ever offered this kind of assistance.

“MHS/Centene is very responsive to any issues we have and very helpful to our members through outreach and education. We really appreciate the support, in the form of specialized case management programs, MemberConnections Representatives and especially your 24/7 availability.”

“With the MemberConnections program, we have been able to find those missing and non compliant enrollees – allowing Hilltop to meet and exceed HEDIS standards. It is like having another set of hands at the health center.”

–Indianapolis Pediatric Associates