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Better Health Outcomes at Lower Costs

Start Smart for Your Baby®

This program promotes education and communication between pregnant members and their case managers to ensure a healthy pregnancy and first year of life for their babies.

Start Smart for You Baby® offers a range of care management techniques designed to extend the gestational period and reduce the risks of pregnancy complications, premature delivery, and infant disease which can result from high-risk pregnancies. The program provides educational materials as well as incentives for going to prenatal, postpartum, and well child visits.

Success Story:

A 21-year-old member in Texas and her husband had a 2-year-old daughter and were expecting triplets. The mother was ordered to stop working at 20 weeks, setting the family back financially. Further, her husband was unable to work as he was caring for their child and home.

The Superior case management team found a larger, one-story house so the member could avoid climbing stairs. They also got the family access to food stamps, an egg crate mattress and a wheelchair rental. Superior covered the expense of injections to prolong the pregnancy and arranged for a licensed counselor to visit the family weekly to address psychosocial issues. Donations of diapers, three bassinets and maternity clothes were gathered and delivered to the family as well.

She delivered the triplets at 32 weeks and the Superior staff was there to assist with the transition. The triplets remained in NICU for 2–3 months with feeding problems, but upon discharge, all members were healthy with no medical needs.