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Better Health Outcomes at Lower Costs

Changing Lives in Behavioral Health - Illinois

Over 13.6 million Americans live with a mental illness, with only 40 percent receiving treatment. In 2013, IlliniCare Health Plan and Cenpatico teamed up with Thresholds, a community-based mental health provider. Together they developed a pilot program to take on the challenge of serving the most complex and highest-risk members.

Ruthie Anderson grew up in the Chicago area. As a teen, she got caught up in the wrong crowd, became addicted to drugs and dropped out of high school. As a drug addict, she also suffered from depression, which made her feel lost and ended up homeless for 20 years.

As a member of IlliniCare Health Plan, she was attempted to be reached for years, but no one could reach her. While she was in the hospital, Thresholds discussed the next steps with Ruthie once she was discharged. Instead of going back to the streets, Thresholds got her set up in an apartment – the first step to taking control of her own health. Now she has contact with her family, has not been hospitalized since, and her mental illness is under control.

The pilot program has seen a 63 percent reduction in behavioral health inpatient costs for pilot members engaged for 12 months. Most importantly, the pilot program has changed lives.

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