To further enhance our inclusive workforce culture, we cultivate company-wide Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs). Open to all employees, our EIGs are voluntary, employee-led groups that drive impact by supporting the attraction, development and retention of the best talent at all levels. EIGs provide professional and leadership development opportunities, contribute to community engagement initiatives, and support business innovation and corporate best practices. Because of their significant value, we support our EIGs through leadership involvement, work time and space, resources, and executive mentors.

Employee Inclusion Groups

Our commitment to engagement with veterans and military families extends to our workforce. Centene’s Veterans and Military Families Employee Inclusion Group was established to provide support and resources for employees who have served in the armed forces and for those related to a service member or former service member.

Reflecting the communities we serve is a vital part of how we embrace our corporate purpose. Our Multicultural Employee Inclusion Group provides peer support for employees of all racial and ethnic backgrounds through networking, mentoring and coaching. It also promotes education and awareness and supports employee engagement and retention.

Centene’s Women’s Employee Inclusion Group aims to further help its members meet their professional and personal goals at all career and life stages. The EIG is focused on leveraging tools such as targeted development sessions, mentoring and community engagement to develop women as leaders and prepare them to take on leadership opportunities at all levels of the company. Members support the recruitment, development, promotion and retention of women leaders and work to keep Centene as the employer of choice among professional women.

The mission of the People with Disabilities Employee Inclusion Group is to support and enable employees to fully contribute and reach their full potential in the workplace. The EIG works to challenge the stereotypes and stigma associated with people with disabilities and to expand disability cultural competency throughout the company. We do this by focusing on education, engagement, accessibility, talent enhancement and community involvement in order to drive engagement and performance.

Centene’s LGBTQ+ Employee Inclusion Group supports an inclusive work environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees in order to promote the ability to bring their full selves to work and ultimately enhance employee engagement and retention. The EIG works to provide development, support and networking opportunities for its members while providing guidance on how Centene can be an even greater place for LGBTQ+ employees to work.

Executive Diversity & Inclusion Council

Centene's Executive Diversity and Inclusion Council is composed of senior leaders who guide their respective business units in implementing and sustaining successful diversity and inclusion practices across the enterprise. They lead by example and consistently work to ensure our company demonstrates a best-in-class culture of diversity and inclusion. Council members meet regularly to discuss progress on initiatives and ways to strengthen our commitment to this inclusive culture.

Current members include:

Michael F. Neidorff (Executive Sponsor), Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Baiocchi, Regional Vice President, Finance & Operations
Paul Barnes, Chief Executive Officer, Arizona Complete Health 
Patti Barnett, Vice President, Health Policy
Andi Gillentine, Plan Chief Operating Officer, Superior HealthPlan
Joyce Larkin, Vice President, Community Relations
Jaimee Robles (Chair), Regional Vice President, Information Technology
Martha Santana-Chin, Senior Vice President, Health Care Delivery
Mary Troupe, Senior Manager, Business Development
Dr. Ken Yamaguchi, Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
Shannon Bagley, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer (Ex Officio Member)
Wade Rakes, Regional Vice President, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer (Ex Officio Member)