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Centene Volunteers

Computer Literacy Instruction Program (CLIP)

Centene Corporation’s Information Technology team has built and maintained high-quality systems to help more than 12 million members manage their healthcare. In addition to what they do in the office, members of the IT team also spend time in the community teaching elementary-aged students grades 4-6 in the Computer Literacy Instruction Program (CLIP). This program meets on Wednesdays in the Fall/Spring from 3:30-5:30pm. Students are taught the basic skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The Mathews-Dickey Volunteer Tutorial Program was initiated in 1986 in response to the late St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Jerome Jones’ minimum 2.5 grade point average mandate. The program was founded to stem the tide of illiteracy — a fast-growing, widespread dilemma. There are millions of Americans who cannot read the warnings on a can of pesticide, a note from their child’s teacher or the front page of a newspaper.

Students who need homework help, remedial assistance and motivation/guidance are referred by their teachers, coaches and parents. Tutors (a.k.a. “study buddies”) are recruited from business/civic organizations, corporations, sororities/fraternities and universities, often serving as role models and mentors. The free one-on-one tutoring targets youngsters in grades kindergarten through eighth, in their formative years. After initially operating weeknights, the sessions have expanded to two hours on Saturdays to better accommodate the changing work schedules for parents and tutors.

Centene Volunteers