Centene Employees Share Commitment to Advancing Inclusion During Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic family gathered for dinner

As Centene recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month, it shines a spotlight on employees’ commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion where they live, work and serve.

Learn how employees across the organization advance inclusion within their workplace and communities as they share their perspectives on National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Karen Ortiz headshotKaren Ortiz, AcariaHealth Provider Services Manager

“Hispanics have made a lasting impact on the U.S., making it more diverse and vibrant,” said AcariaHealth Provider Services Manager Karen Ortiz. “Hispanic influence reminds us that America is always changing and growing. This month, we have the opportunity to celebrate the contributions we’ve made.”

“Hispanic Heritage Month highlights the value provided by Hispanics in all endeavors of life,” said Centene Care Management Supervisor Juan Rios. “For me, it means pride in my culture and bringing attention to the positive impacts our ancestors have made.”

Juan Rios headshotJuan Rios, Centene Care Management Supervisor

“Heritage months allow us to highlight stories that aren’t typically shared and serve as an acknowledgement of the contributions that we all make to society,” said Superior HealthPlan Senior Director of Operations, Comprehensive Care Programs Patricia Correa. “We have a significant Hispanic membership. Understanding Hispanic traditions and culture creates a greater sense of empathy and understanding for our members.” 

“This month, we may hear stories that we have not heard before,” said Health Net Senior Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement Cesar Sanchez. “These stories inspire me, other Latinos/Hispanics and my colleagues. As a people leader, I know that we also stand as role models for other Latinos/Hispanics. It’s a responsibility that we humbly take on, especially this month.”

Employees also describe how they advance inclusion by building trusted partnerships in the workplace and their communities.

Patricia Correa headshotPatricia Correa, Superior HealthPlan Senior Director of Operations, Comprehensive Care Programs

“I am committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace by encouraging those around me to learn from individuals with different backgrounds,” said Karen. “I take pride in being part of an internal diversity, equity and inclusion team within our sales team. Sharing personal experiences allows us to better understand each other’s challenges and provide mutual support. This collaborative effort not only strengthens team bonds, but it also aligns with our organization’s commitment to celebrate individual uniqueness.” 

“I listen and understand that everyone brings unique perspectives regardless of race/ethnicity,” said Juan. “I encourage development and provide support to my team and the members we serve.” 

“I foster an environment where team members feel comfortable voicing opinions and views,” Patricia said. “We need to understand and support the different ways we all think, process information and interact with others. This is not only important in the workplace but also to help team members understand the members we serve.” 

Cesar Sanchez headshotCesar Sanchez, Health Net Senior Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement

“The best solutions come from teams that include members who have different lived experiences, backgrounds and ideas,” said Cesar. “It’s my responsibility to ensure their voices are heard to help us develop the best solutions to support our customers and communities.”

Centene’s multicultural Employee Inclusion Group (EIG), MOSAIC, provides peer support for employees of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and has planned a variety of employee events for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The EIGs are open to employees of Centene and its subsidiary companies. Employees do not have to be a member of any specific community to join an EIG. Learn more about Centene’s EIGs.