Corporate Sustainability


Centene’s Commitment

As we continually work to enhance care delivery for more than 28 million members, our unwavering commitment lies in integrating principles of corporate responsibility, DEI and strong governance across all facets of our operations. Together, we are supporting our mission and building a sustainable enterprise focused on creating a healthier future for our members, while supporting our providers and government partners. We are helping to build resilient communities, establish Centene as a preferred partner for our state and federal government customers, and empower our employees to do their best work while delivering value for our shareholders.


Corporate Sustainability Framework

Our Corporate Sustainability Framework expresses Centene’s commitments to empowering health, building healthier communities, fostering healthy environment and driving business accountability while identifying 14 focus areas essential to our success.

Provide high-quality, affordable and accessible healthcare that helps people live healthier lives.

Enhance the lives of the communities we serve and the people who make our business successful.

Build resilience to environment-related health risks and support earth-friendly initiatives for a livable future.


2023 Sustainability & DEI Report

Read more about the key partnerships, initiatives and programs that exemplify our commitment to the health of our planet, our people and our enterprise. 

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Headshot of Sarah London, Centene CEO

Sarah London
CEO, Centene

Headshot of Fredrick Eppinger, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Frederick Eppinger
Chairman of the Board of Directors


"Centene’s long-held dedication to improving the lives of children, families, seniors, people with disabilities and beyond is captured in our mission to transform the health of the communities we serve, one person at a time."



Centene is committed to strong sustainability performance and transparent reporting that demonstrate the value delivered to our stakeholders – our members, our business partners, our investors, our employees, our communities and our world – both now and for years to come.  We are proud to be recognized by Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) for attaining Prime Status for fulfilling ambitious absolute performance requirements..

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