Fostering Change to Realize Racial Equity in Healthcare


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services acknowledges April as National Minority Health Month, an observance Centene recognizes as a time to encourage action in support of progress toward equalization in care for historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups. While access and affordability of healthcare coverage has seen significant improvements over the last several years, health disparities continue to disproportionately affect people from historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups.

As one of the largest Managed Care Organizations serving diverse communities across the country, Centene is committed to investing in initiatives, innovations, and partnerships that support progress toward the elimination of healthcare disparities.

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is fundamental to both Centene’s work culture and how members and communities are supported. Employees varied lived experiences, insights, cultures, and backgrounds are critical in fostering an environment where cognitive diversity is encouraged and relating to and connecting with people from all backgrounds is enabled.
  • Knowledge and cultural humility are the first line of defense when combatting bias in healthcare delivery. Driven to transform the health of the community through education, The Centene Institute for Advanced Health Education delivers research-informed accredited continuing education at no cost to providers and clinical professionals to empower improved quality, performance, and health outcomes.
  • At Centene, data-driven, clinically informed framework supports advancements within our clinical programs that assist members with conditions such as substance use disorder, sickle cell disease, and pregnancy care. An integrated, whole-health approach considers all barriers to achieving optimal health matches members with care, resources, and education that enable greater equity and provide opportunity for members to achieve their highest-level health.

View Centene’s white paper that further outlines strategic efforts and recommendations for combatting health disparities to solve for the barriers historically marginalized racial and ethnic groups face in accessing quality care.