Providing Critical, Individualized Support for Rare Conditions


mother cradles infant daughter

Centene's health plans provide meaningful, accessible, high-quality healthcare to every member, even in the rarest of cases. Kate Holler, a member of Centene's Superior HealthPlan in Texas, was overjoyed to give birth to her daughter, Rowan. What was meant to be the happiest day of Kate's life turned upside down when her family discovered Rowan had a rare and painful skin condition. Superior Care Manager, Amanda, served as a trusted resource in helping the family understand how to best care for Rowan while providing support and resources along the way.

In this member testimonial, learn how Superior HealthPlan guided the Holler family in their journey to access the specialized care and services their daughter needed.



Rowan's diagnosis of Epidermolysis bullosa, a group of rare genetic conditions that result in painful blistering of the skin, continues to affect her entire family. While there is no cure for epidermolysis bullosa, treatment can help ease and control symptoms to improve quality of life.

Now three years old, Rowan still faces remarkable challenges every day, including regular bandaging and wearing specialized retention garments. The family credits Amanda and Superior HealthPlan for understanding Rowan's individual needs and connecting her to the best possible care for her complicated condition. With the continued support of their care manager, the Holler family is able to watch Rowan thrive.

Even with complex conditions necessitating specialized care, Centene is committed to providing the most effective care that delivers the highest-quality outcomes. Learn more about how Centene cares for mothers and infants, and how specialized needs receive specialized care.